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Is a Lack of Responsive Web Design Hurting Your Brand?

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Anyone who has a business website online, and even some who don't, have probably heard about the raging trend of responsive web design or at least having a mobile friendly website.

Anyone who has a business website online, and even some who don't, have probably heard about the raging trend of responsive web design or at least having a mobile friendly website.

Unfortunately, there are many websites who are hanging back from the responsive web design bandwagon. Some may be concerned that they would have to completely re-build their websites, while others worry about the costs of such an endeavor. However, the true costs of not having a mobile friendly website or responsive web design could actually be hurting your business more than you think.

Mobile Traffic is up

Today, there are 1.2 billion people who are using their mobile devices to access the web. That is not to mention, about 15% of all global internet traffic is accounted for by mobile traffic. Altogether, there is no telling what percentage of mobile friendly websites account for organic search results.

Mobile users also report that they tend to switch between devices, meaning that if they like the mobile friendly website then they're more likely to visit from a desktop. However, mobile users do have some different expectations.

Since mobile users typically have a different objective than desktop users, they prefer other information to come in small, easy to digest bites. There also some statistics that show tablet users tend to spend more money per purchase than mobile users. This brings in to focus just how important it is to have a website that features a responsive web design, or at least a mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Websites Get Better Rankings

With over 1 billion mobile users making up for one quarter of web searches around the world, mobile websites have been steadily gaining importance. So, it should be of little surprise that Google's most recent Hummingbird update is giving special preference to mobile friendly websites. Unfortunately, for those lagging behind on responsive web design, this will definitely mean a drop in search engine rankings. In addition, it may also mean a drop in organic search results rankings as well.

Responsive Web Design is now the Norm

While it's no secret that mobile optimization has been steadily increasing in recent years, it has quickly become the norm instead of the exception. With 90% of Internet users reporting that they moved between devices, or multi-screen, in order to accomplish a task, mobile optimization has never been so important before. To customers, this means better brand engagement by fostering trust with online users.

There is also another reason that responsive web design is quickly becoming the norm. For businesses, having a responsive website design means increased conversions and lower bounce rates. With 80% of shoppers admitting that their mobile purchases are more likely done on impulse, a brand that offers a mobile friendly experience is more likely to see consumer purchases.

While businesses may be worrying about the costs and effort required to switch over to responsive web design, they might not realize that their high bounce rate is coming for mobile users who are not interesting and having to pinch and zoom to see illegible content.


For anyone who is procrastinating in making the switch to responsive web design, the time is here. With the growing increase in mobile traffic, the preferences given to mobile optimized websites by search engines, and the fact that you could be seriously hurting your brand, having a mobile friendly website is more important now than ever.

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