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  • There are certain elements of a responsive website that differentiates it from other types of websites. Mobile friendly websites – or responsive websites - load faster as bloated sites take longer to load and may cut into profits, are easy to read as it is important that it reels in searchers from desktop or mobile users, and are easy to navigate as people on mobile devices have a limited space for content.

  • Anyone who has a business website online, and even some who don't, have probably heard about the raging trend of responsive web design or at least having a mobile friendly website.

  • Internet marketing is essential in this day and age in order for your business to strive. The internet is highly important considering its one of the most used forms of communication. Communication is vital and can make or break an enterprise. Marketing your enterprise online can and will most likely be a huge asset to your company.

  • Social media marketing uses mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, аnd evеn the rеlatіvely nеw Instagram to facilitate online followers. Thеsе websites focus оn social aspects аnd closing thе perceived proximity bеtwееn people аnd businesses. Its a factor that уоu shоuld bе influencing іf yоu аrе a small business owner.

  • Once upon a time Internet marketing was all about the content. A perfectly optimized SEO website with valuable information and pay-per-click links along with a wide selection of representative media was all one needed to build a successful marketing campaign. Now there is a new focus to digital marketing that is known collectively as User Experience (UX)

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