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Why Mobile Website Is the Future of Your Online Business

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Move with technology by developing a mobile friendly website before it is too late. It is a new era, and if your website visitors are still frantically scrolling horizontally forwards and backwards, and zooming and pinching in and out for organic search results it should not surprise you that they leave your website in frustration and seeking answers elsewhere.

The way people access the internet has changed, with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices now the norm. A responsive web design enables your website to automatically reformat itself to the device the user is using. In fact, a mobile friendly site is very important because you never know the device your visitors are using to access the website. Here are a few reasons why responsive web design is the future of your online business. Mobile Is the Future The fact that mobile activity reliance is a growing habit, it manifest itself to a future rich in mobile friendly website marketing. People will continue to hold tightly to their mobile devices, so long as they keep becoming more and more sophisticated. Without a mobile friendly website, your business online future is bleak. If you do have a responsive web design that can offer a mobile friendly experience for your customers, they will definitely bounce off your website and turn to your competitors whose website is mobile friendly. Currently, people are increasingly favoring their mobile devices over desktop computers to get organic search results. So, if you have a website, you should serve the needs of your visitors by designing a mobile friendly website for their viewing pleasure.

Google Favors Responsive Web Design Google openly favors websites that use responsive web design technology. It recognizes that mobile friendly websites give users a good experience and can therefore reduce the high bouncing rate and increase page load speed. The greater usability and reduced bounce rate make Google to favor mobile friendly sites over desktop/laptop only websites. Most people feel frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that is not mobile friendly. So, if your site offers an excellent mobile experience, visitors are more likely to be converted to customers.

Improved SEO Another reason why you need a responsive web design is to enable you to enjoy the SEO benefits that come with this type of website. Google and other prominent search results always reward sites that can load on multiple devices. If you do not have a responsive website and instead opt for multiple pages for your mobile, social and desktop sites, you will create duplicate content, which can cause frustration and confusion when users accidentally load the wrong page version. Most people need a mobile device to browse the internet to find content about brand that interest them. When your web content is compelling enough, the visitor will often share the content with others in their social networks.

Responsive Web Design Is Future Friendly If you fail to keep yourself abreast with the new technology, then you will be pushed further down the line of competition. Because competition is increasing than ever, reaching saturation level, you cannot afford the mistakes of putting your brand to disadvantage. Mobile friendly site is not only giving your business display on a wide range of current devices, but also give future-proof for devices not yet released.

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